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Parental Background:
By  providence  divine,  I  am  the  son  of  Sri  B.S. Gangadharaiah, who in turn, was trained at the hands of greatly acclaimed court poet Sri K Vasudevacharya, the paragon of musicians of erstwhile Mysore state. My father inspired me deep enough to be inducted into classical strains. In particular, I choose Flute, the resonant instrument, as my passion for artistic survival.
Passion for Music:
Hunger for music started at very early in my life around 12 years of age. By the time I was 17, I was sufficiently infused within to be influenced by Flute. As the good luck would have it, Padmashree T.R.  Mahalingam of international fame, and literally wizard of classical music was my Guru, in the Indian traditional sense, for nearly 20 years - This period educated my emotions and also moulded my mind in the tune of acquisition. Should I make a modest claim, I would call myself genuinely trained and qualified.
When I consider the other influences in realm of music, which might have helped me grow, I should admit in all fairness that I have absorbed the best around through my environment - treating my total adherences to pivotal force of MALI ! It’s likely that some healthy benefits have accrued  out  of  my  exposure  to  such  classical singers/musicians  as  D.K.  Pattamal,  Shemmangudi Srinivas Iyer and so on.

Training as such lasted for two decades in the company of maestro Mahalingam, professing and practicing all such beneficial lessons in music - through tenor and texture, the melody and rhythm, all the nuances and variety that accompany any rewarding musical career.

Advanced Lessons in Music:

I have ceaselessly endeavored to continue the great tradition of Indian classical music. Besides participating in performance and concerts severally at different places (Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Chennai, Mysore, Nagercoil, Varanasi  and  Others)  I  believe  that  there  is  an inexhaustible  wealth  of  music,  glory  and  grandeur  in which direction I am moving.

Options for Instrumental Music:

In musical cadence and intonation, innuendo and ingenuity, at times improvisation, somehow I have developed an enduring taste and preference for flute.  That is precisely my priority to in my option. No wonder my favorite musical instrument has been nothing but flute.

Musical Experience:

It is said sound is born of silence. To relate this to my own experience over the years, I have grown to think with conviction that music provides enough peace within against perturbation around. I wish to refrain from saying any more.

Experience and Expertise:

Against  the  background  of  my  modest  talent  and dexterity,  I  have  had  quite  a  few  chances  worthy of mention for performing both home and abroad (Austria, Belgium,  Germany,  Holland,  Switzerland  and  other important center on the continent of Europe)


To date, if I should mention just the figure, it may sound a pat on my own back. And yet, it is the sweet reality disguised - perhaps on a modest count, it must have a thousand in all.

Not in the form of book or printed literature to reach out to a large leadership!  But on occasions wherever I demonstrated my musical abilities and talents. I provided some kind of empirical structure to the study of musicology and other allied aspects of music. This I have done by way of notes meant for the purpose through execution.
Music Examiner:
Karnataka Higher   Secondary   Examination Board (Music), 2002
Media Appearances:

Audio -

Radio artist on AIR of B-High grade - as a performing flutist I have presented a good number till today from 1969.


  • Telecasts on Udaya TV in a musical concert presented in Naada chapter.
  • Telecasts on Chandana TV
  • Telecast  on  BBC in a musical concert  presented  in Europe
Religious Center:

As a flutist, I have performed at Melkote, Dharmasthala, Nanjangud,   Shringeri, Horanadu,  Srirangapattana,   Thiruvayur, Tanjore,  Udupi, Dwaraka, Katmandu (Pashupathinath)  and  other  important  cultural  centers known for musical record and history.

Spiritual Sanctuary:

Sri  Ganapathy  Sachidananda  Ashram,  Mysore  and Ramakrishna Math, Bangalore

Cultural Center:

South  Zone  Cultural  Program    -  Kumbakonnam, Kadambothsava - Banavasi, Kashi Karnataka Sangha - Varanasi, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan – Kaladarshan – Belgaum, Chambai Sangeethsova – Guruvayur, ICCR – Yavanika, Udayaraga, Sandhyaraga

Innovate tones and Trends:

My interests have been deeply grounded in the area of some improvisations or other, in relation to innovation and trends. I have fused some of them into the very texture of my performances.

Titles and laurels:
  • Naada Sudhakara - Award by Akhila Karnataka academy, Mysore, 1980
  • Venukala Shekara - Award by Indian Heritage Rama Seva Mandali, Koramangala, Bangalore, 2002
  • Karnataka Sangeetha Nrithya Academy Award - 2007
  • Kannada Rajyothsava Award – Karnataka Cultural Academy, 2008
  • Aryabhata Award - 2008
  • Sree Ramaseva Mandali Felicitation on Founder’s day -2008


MICO Fine Arts Society, Vani Institute of Music, Sougandhika, Sri Ramakrishna Sangeetha Kala Shala, Kalasambrama, Shringeri Peetha, AdimarMath, and Ganapathi Sachidananda Ashram - Mementos in a form of gold ring locket, laced shawls and other artistic items.

Plans and Programs:

There is an absolute need to start an institution of music at different levels of impart “Food for Mind” and Tonic for Soul” which can be begun at a tender age for children. My ambition has been to mobilize good will, public support and encouragement, in this regard to put into action this program for its benefits and values.

Mission and Message:

I do not wish to give any lofty message, since all of us are aware of the pleasure that music offers. No man should be denied exposure to soul- stirring music and its ecstasies.  That is my humble plea, firm faith and mission. Let us create an ethos of this kind around us, here and now.


Date of birth - February 7, 1937
Education - Intermediate course
Passport - G992008
Languages - English, Kannada, Tamil

I have herein furnished the relevant facts related to my professional career as a flutist, for a little over four decades now. I vouch for all the veracity of my statement mentioned above. Further I hereby affirm that whatever I have written has been true to best of my knowledge and belief.