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Excerpts from the Press:
  • ROTA-Record bulletin of the rotary Club, Puttur - March 31, 1967 -

    Sri Srinivasa is a worthy disciple of the famous flute artist T.R.Mahalingam. The two hours flute concert by Sri.   B.G   Srinivasa   was   highly   exhilarating   and entertaining. Sri Srinivasa played   the song “Manasukaragadhaemisri” in Hamsadhwani. Subsequently he played several madhyama kaala keerthanans,   which comprised     the       songs “Nijavarisukada” in Ravichandrikae, “Sara sara samarai” in Kunthalavarali. “Shobillu Sapta Swara” in Jaganmohini etc.

    Sri Srinivasa came out with the sparkling aalapana   of “Kaanada” and followed it up with a delectable rendering of saint Thyagaraja’s “Sukhievaro” climaxing to kalpana swaras of quality. He presented the several facets of “Navarasakanada” and “Kadanakuthulam” in an

    artistic manner and embellished Thyagaraja’s “Ninuvinanamadendo” and Pattanam Subramanya Iyer’s Raghuvamshasutha”. His playing on the flute was quite soft and soothing while his finger danced on the instrument.  Sri Srinivasa has full control over the instrument.

    Evidently Sri Srinivasa is endowed with the dexterity in playing on the instrument.  He has attained the full proficiency over the instrument. One day or other he will reach the destination and must attain the exalted position of Sri. T.R. Mahalingam.

  • Indian Express - May 7, 1972 -

    Exhibiting remarkable tonal clarity and shruthi sense, young flutist B.G.  Srinivasa disciple of Sri T.R. Mahalingam   rendered   a   very   good   four-hour performance   that   was   highly   exhilarating   and entertaining.         Srinivasa        opened   with “Vaatapi Ganapathim” in Hamsadhwani, and played several madhyama kaala keerthanams like “Niravadhisukhada” in    Ravichandrikae; “Abhimaname”   in   Vivardhini; “Pattivadurado” in Manjari, “Sanathana Parama Pavana” in Phalamanjari etc.

    Sri Srinivasa came out with a sparkling aalapana of Abheri and followed up with a delectable rendering of saint Thyagaraja’s “Nagumomu” climaxing to kalpana swaras of quality.  He  presented  various  facets  of “Manirangu”  in  a  very  good  artistic  manner  and embellished Thyagaraja’ “Raanidhi radu”

  • Kannada Prabha - October 4, 1972 -

    (Tr)…… I am aware that Mr. B.G.Srinivasa has had his training with the renowned flutist T.R. Mahalingam, as one of his disciples. His flute concert broadcasted on the AIR on August 1 beginning with Aarabhi as well as “Varanaradha” mellowed by Vijayashree displayed through vilamba emanated melody and rhythm in perfect resonant music. Any one could see that he has been an accomplished flutist…
  • Udayavani - August 12, 1973 - 

    (Tr.)…Music Concert at Vasanth Mahal: The inauguralprogram of the festivities - in connection with Sri Krishna Janmashtami organized at Udupi Krishna Mutt - Began with flute recital by B.G.Srinivasa.  Raagas such as Hamsadhwani, Jaganmohini, Bilahari, Poorvikalyani, Baehag, Yamunkalyani, Kaapi came off in tuneful tempo and rhythm throughout. The second half of the program gained its momentum and also enchanting quality compared to the first half. Something else should also be observed here that the artist indulged in certain improvisation on his own to entertain the audience all the more
  • Deccan Herald - October 9, 1973 -

    The tendency of Mali’s disciple to imitate him even in the very mannerisms was very much discernible in the flute recital by young B.G. Srinivasa on Monday evening at the same venue. While he was treading on more certain grounds   in   the   delineation   of          “Bilahari”   and “Poorvikalyani”     the   elaboration   of “Rasaali”   and “Amruthavarshini” were fraught with risky sancharas inspite of their inherent appeal.  There were delightful touches and flourishes in “Bilahari”   which   make Srinivasa as an artist of high potential. He would do well to concentrate on raga elaboration and nereval before jumping to intricate layavinyasa in swara elaboration on the “Mali” model.
  • Deccan Herald – May 25, 1977 -

    B.G Srinivasa flute recital for the Saraswathi Gana Sabha, contained many features reminiscent of Mali, his guru. Raga elaboration revealed lively imagination and sensitivity.

    Mohanam and Hamsanandhi received spacious treatment. The high spot was certainly the facile elaboration of Kanada in a leisurely pace when the entire gamut of the raga was traversed with aesthetic brilliance. “Sukhi evaro” was masterly.

  • Samyuktha Karnataka - March 10, 1981 -

    (Tr)    … As part of Basavangudi music festival, the performance by B.G Srinivasa as a flutist was indeed an eloquent proof of his erudition in classical music.